Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Deleuze and Guattari - Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis, no less than the bureaucratic or military apparatus, is a mechanism for the absorption of surplus value, nor is this true from the outside, extrinsically: rather, its very form and its finality are marked by this social function, It is not the pervert, nor even the autistic person, who escapes psychoanalysis; the whole of psychoanalysis is an immense perversion, a drug, a radical break with reality, starting with the reality of desire; it is a narcissism, a monstrous autism: the characteristic autism and the intrinsic perversion of the machine of capital. At its most autistic, psychoanalysis is no longer measured against any reality, it no longer opens to any outside, but becomes itself the test of reality and the guarantor of its own test: reality as the lack to which the inside and the outside, departure and arrival, are reduced. Psychoanalysis index sui, with no other reference than itself or "the analytic situation."

Friday, 5 March 2010

Phantasmagoric Funambulism

"Normality is a tightrope walker above the abyss of abnormality" - Witord Gombrowicz.

"Everything that is real is rational and everything that is rational is real" - Hegel.

"We live... in a world full of feeling and fantasy but devoid of any reality" - Michael Bakunin.

"I do not think it is for any other country to determine how two countries resolve matters between them" - Hillary Clinton on the Armenian genocide vote, and not the Gaza Panopticon.

"Perhaps I am too honest and open to have PR help" - David James in his PR-generated column in The Guardian.

"Fantastic!" - Alan Hansen commenting on a British soldier who had his legs blasted in Afghanistan.

"Flattered" - Rafa, on becoming the next Juventus manager although, as ever, it will be the Berlusconi-Galliani axis that will resolve such petty ventures.

"Untenable" - Andrew Andronikou on the position of Peter Storrie at Portsmouth - P45 FC. Storrie's position was untenable years back; this progression is now in the vicinity of neohyperfakesurreality.

"My League" - Richard Scudamore, referring to ScudamoreWorld in his precisely incorrect defence of the free market ethos and unsustainable debt - having virtually 60% of the total European club debt when the pound is being actively devalued on the cusps on the next downturn in this Cassiopeia Depression is hardly strategic.

ScudamoreWorld - One Hand Watches The Other - Omerta.

"His argument is that a) Chinese run in good years a quarter of a trillion dollars of trade surplus with the US, b) Chinese exporters sell those dollars to the Central Bank which inflates reserves and the effect is both to inflate the Chinese money supply to fund the US trade deficit on the cheap, c) other Central Banks have followed similar policies, d) As a result, global foreign exchange reserves which first hit $1 trillion in the early 1990's are now almost $7 trillion, e) this credit bubble is inflating asset prices that will lead to a bust" - The Economist commenting on Richard Duncan, author of 'The Corruption of Capitalism'.

"Currencies are still driving equity markets around the world in many ways. Devaluations are very significant. You can understand why everybody wants to do them. The big problem is not everybody can devalue at once" - John Authers in Financial Times.

"Puddle Row Thug In Shotgun Terror" - Manchester Evening News headline.

"The aesthete-figure says that the only thing requisite to complete the contemplation of Westminster Bridge at sunset is the sight of a poor unfortunate casting herself from the parapet into the Thames" - W.H. Mallock.

"Immortality is the real nightmare, not death" - Slavoj Žižek.

"I think therefore I am" - Descartes.

"Descartes spent too much time in bed subject to the persistent hallucination that he was thinking" - Flann O'Brien.

"I ∴ (I)" - L'Homme Consummateur.

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